What is a constitution? Explain

What is a constitution? Explain 3. Locate rivers of India on map of Summarise the chapter Constitutional Design" answer the given questions. (a) What is costitution? Explain. (b) Why we need a constitution in Democracy? Write about the constitution of South Africa and write abiut the role Of Nelson Mandela behind the strgguie of South Africa. (d) What is constitutent assembly?Name the prominent members of contituent assembly What is Preamble? What is its importance? (f) Whv indian constitution is called rigid and flexible ? (g) Why Indian constitution is called borrowing bar (h) How many fundamental Rights are there in Our constitution? Explain. Why the fundamental duties are necessary for the smooth functioning Of government? (j) What are directive principles Of State policy and what is its importance? 2. Disaster Management:- Hindi

Constitution is the basic law of a country which establishes the rules and procedures according to which the governance of the country is to be carried out.

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Constitution is that who provide us safeguard and give the right to vote to enjoy our freedom
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Constitution is a mirror which reflects how our country is governed.
Constititution is a window peep it and see how our country is governed.
It is a set of principles according to which a country is governed...
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