What is a consumer's right to represent?

 right to represent means that to go to consumer forum to fight for a person's other consumer rights, a community or any organization or mayb an individual can represent other person for his right. for example, many residential areas have a community that takes care that none of their colony members are cheated on by any shopkeeper or as such..... if yes, then the community represents that individual. similarly any NGO or other org. can represent a person to protect his/her rights, especially if he is deprived of money or support.

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 Right To Represent means if a consumer realizes that he/she has been cheated by the service providers ie if the ultimate product fails to meet the expectations of the consumer then he/she has the right to file a complaint in the particular grievance cells or Courts 

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Consumers have the right to represent their cases in courts i.e become their own lawyers.
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Consumer right is that when a consumer is buy a thing then he has the right to argue and complain for any damage in the product to the seller.
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The act has enabled us as consumer to have the right to represent in consumer court
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Right to Representation : In case there is a dispute between the consumer and the seller or service provider which is not settled, the consumer has the right to approach the local consumer court for redressal. In case his representation in the district level court is dismissed, he can approach at the state level and then at the national level.
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Right to represent means to represent yourself
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Right to represent means that when a consumer has a dispute with the seller he can appelroach the three tiers of consumer courts
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Right to represent in consumer courts: The consumer movement in India has led to the formation of various organisations locally known as consumer forums or consumer protection councils. They guide consumers on how to file cases in the consumer court. On many occasions, they also represent individual consumers in the consumer courts. These voluntary organisations also receive financial support from the government for creating awareness among people.
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