What is a periodic change ? Can you please explain with some examples ?

A change that occour in the regular time interval is called periodic change.Ex : when the sun is setting and raising

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A change which is repeated after regular intervals of time is called a periodic change. examples : swinging of a pendulum and Change of seasons
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changes that occur at regular intervals are called periodic changes
eg.day and night
Change of seasons-summer,winter,rainy
full moon and new moon tides
high tides and low tides take place in the sea everyday after specific intervals of time.
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↵A change occur again and again after fix intervals of time is called periodic change
  1. Swinging of a clock pendulum
  2. Phases of season
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the changes which occur at fixed time or period is called periodic change
eg: rotation of earth
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Changes which occur at regular interval of time are called periodic change.Ex-rotation of earth,occurence of seasons
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a change which occurs at regular interval of times is called a periodic change.for example-
=>pendulum of a clock.
=>rotation and revolution of the earth.
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Changing of Seasons
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The change which occurs after a fixed time is called periodic change
Ex. Rotation of earth etc.
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And also change in season
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