What is Adam's apple in boys?Explain in detail how it is formed.

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At the time of puberty in boys, the voice box or the larynx begins to grow and protrude from the throat. This is called an Adam’s apple. The enlargement of the larynx makes the voice low pitched and hoarse.

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When kids hit puberty , their bodies and minds go through tons of changes. One change that every kid can count on is lots of body parts growing and changing shape. Almost every part gets in on the growing action, including the larynx . Another name for the larynx is the voice box , and it 's in the throat. The larynx is what gives you your voice, whether you 're talking, laughing, whispering, singing, or screaming! You can find your larynx by touching the front of your throat and humming. When you feel vibrations under your fingers, you 've found it!

When the larynx grows larger during puberty, it sticks out at the front of the throat. This is what 's called an Adam 's apple. There are several possibilities on the name Adams apple. Technically it is known as Laryngeal prominence. It is usually said to take this name from the story of the Garden of Eden, where Adam ate apple and it got struck in his throat. But there is no proof.

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