What is adjective phrases?Please elaborate.

- An adjective phrase does the work of an adjective.

- An adjective phrase is a group of words that describes a noun or a pronoun.

- The head word of a adjective phrase is an adjctive.

- For example: The cost of the book is extremely high.

                         I am very bored with your aunt.

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adjectives phrases means the phrases that are elaborate the adjectives.such that the quality.i also request meritnation experts to help you in this catagory.

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adjective phrase whose head word is an adjective e.g: fond of steak, very happy ,quit upset. the adjective is an adjective phrase can initiate the phrase( e.g: fond of steak). conclude the phrase( very happy) or appear in a medial position(e.g:quit upset about it) the dependent of the head adjectivee.g : the other words and phrases inside the adjective phraseare typically adverbs or prepositional phrases. but they can also be clauses (eg. louder than you do). adjectives and adjective phrases function in two basic ways in clauses, either attributively or predicatively. when they are attributive, they appear inside a noun phrase and modify that noun phrase, when they are predicative, they appear outside of the noun phrase that they modify and typically follow a linking verb.

  1. Sentences can contain tremenduosly long phrases-attributive adjective phrase
  2. This sentence is not tremendously long-predicate adjective phrase.
  3. A player faster than you was on their team-attributive adjective phrase.
  4. He is faster than you.-predicate adjective phrase
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