What is adjective

मित्र हिन्दी में इसे विशेषण कहते हैं। विशेषण संज्ञा तथा सर्वनाम शब्दों की गुण तथा अगुण दर्शाते हैं।

 जैसे राम अच्छा लड़का है।

राम गंदा लड़का है।

इसमें अच्छा और गंदा विशेषण शब्द है।

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An adjective is used predicatively when a verb separates it from the noun or pronoun it describes:
The umpire was wrong.
The crowd was furious.
She seems tired today.
This soup tastes bad.
The dog’s coat feels smooth.

The verbs that can be completed by predicate adjectives are called being verbs or copulative verbs. They include all the forms of to be and sensing verbs like seem, feel, and taste.

Adjective Classifications
qualitativegood, bad, happy, blue, French
possessivemy, thy, his, her, its, our, your, their
relative and interrogativewhich, what, whatever, etc.
numeralone, two, second, single, etc.
indefinitesome, any, much, few, every, etc.
demonstrativethis, that, the, a (an), such

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An adjective is a word which modifies noun and pronoun ..

ex- he is wearing red shirt..

red- adjective and shirt- noun 

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Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in the sentence. The Articles — a, an, and the — are adjectives.
  1. the tall professor
  2. the lugubrious lieutenant
  3. a solid commitment
  4. a month's pay
  5. a six-year-old child
  6. the unhappiest, richest man
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