What is bakelite and melamine and what is the difference between the two?

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Bakelite is a synthetic plastic. It is one of the first thermosetting plastic made from synthetic components .Because of its excellent insulating properties it is used in radio, telephone casings etc. It is also used in other products like toys, jewellery, kitchen ware etc. it is a kind of plastic which once moulded cannot be moulded again.



Melamine is an organic compound. It is often combined with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin. This melamine resin is a synthetic polymer and is heat resistant. Melamine can be easily molded when warm. It is used in various industrial applications. Melamine is a type of plastic.



the main differences between the two are...

 Bakelite is a thermosetting plastic, it cannot be molded again whereas Melamine, being a thermoplastic, can be molded any number of times adn reshaped. 

The formation process of these two types of plastics also differs. Bakelite is a man-made (synthetic) material while Melamine occurs naturally (is organic).

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