what is BAWRIS and how does it help in saving water?

(i want the meritination expert to answer this question)

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Bawris are deep step-wells built into the ground. These were built by the people of olden times for storing  rain water. This was an old method of rainwater harvesting. When it rains, the rain water accumulates in these tanks and because thses tanks are very deep, the water does not evaporate very easily and this water can be used during the times of water shortage.

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I was happy to see that you wanted the answer only from a meritnation expert, but I would like to say that some student users of this community provide very good answers, so from time to time you can also refer to them and in case your doubts persist, you can contact us and we are happy to help you,


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thanks for your help muthu.kumari...

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Thank you

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