B O D M A S means as under. This is used when we simplify the expressions.

B = Brackets

O = Of

D = Division

M = Multiplication

A = Addition

S = Subtraction

When an expression is to be simplified, first we have to remove the Brackets.

By simplifying the expression within the brackets, then secondly Of means we have to do the operations like 1/4th of or 20% of etc.

Then we have to do the Divisions in the expression.

Then we have to do the Multiplications in that expression

Then we have to do the Additions and Subtractions in the last to arrive at the correct answer. So to remember which to do first and which then, we have to remember the word BODMAS.

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it is B  bracket O of D division M multiplication A addition & S subtraction . itis used to solve mathematical expressions in the order of BODMAS . 

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bodmas is the short form of the method or rule tostep wise solve a problem having multiple tasks to perform.like if in a sum we need to do,multiplication, addition ,division & subtraction we follow it as first remove brackets then do division then multiplication then addition & finally subtractiont the bodmas means- bracket of division multiplication addition &subtraction. 

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b-bracet o- of d-division m-multiply a-addition s-subtaction

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B- Bracket

O- Of

D- Division

M- Multiplication

A- Addition

S- Subtraction.

Mathemetical problems can be solved using this method..or rather this order

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