What is carding  of wool?how is wollen yarn obtained from carded wool?



Carding refers to combing and cleaning of raw wool fibres with the help of a sharp-toothed instrument.

 The carded wool is made into yarn manually or by use of simple machines.

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Carding of wool can either be done "in the grease" or not, depending on the type of machine and on the spinner's preference. "In the grease" means that the lanolin that naturally comes with the wool has not been washed out, leaving the wool with a slightly greasy feel. The large drum carders do not tend to get along well with lanolin, so most commercial worsted and woollen mills wash the wool before carding. Hand carders (and small drum carders too, though the directions may not recommend it) can be used to card lanolin rich wool. A major benefit of working with the lanolin still in the wool is that it leaves the worker with soft hands.
Carded wool to be used for woolen yarn is sent directly for spinning.

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