What is cell division?is it continuous

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 The  cell is the basic unit of life. When a cell reaches maturity, it divides to give rise to new cells of the same type. This process by which a cell divides to give rise to new cells is known as cell division.

There are two major types of cell divisions viz
1) Mitosis (equational division) - It occurs in somatic cells
 2) Meiosis (reductional division) - It occurs in reproducing/gametic cells

Yes, cell division is a life time or continuous process. It occurs every time as and when require like during damaged skin cells etc.

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Ata kharidne kaha jate hain
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Cell division is the process in which the dna replication and cell growth occurs
And yes it is continous
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The division of a single cell into two daughter cells of the same genetic material is known as cell division...
Yes, it is a continuous process
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