what is cephalochordate

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Cephalochordates belong to the sub-phylum protochordata of phyllum chordata. In cephalochordata the notochord is present from head to tail and persists life long. Examples of cephalochordates includes Branchiostoma and Amphioxus. All the cephalochordates are marine animals with elongated and segmented body. 

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cephalochardates  :-is achordate subphylum defined by the presence of a notochord that persists throughout life. It is represented in the modern oceans by the lancelets (also known as Amphioxus).

The characteristics of Cephalochordata are that they are marine animals, segmented, and that they possess elongated bodies with a notochord that extends the length of the body and cirri surrounding the mouth for obtaining food.In cephalochordata the notochord extends from head to tail and it persists throughout their life.[1] The members of this phylum are very small and have no hard parts, making their fossils difficult to find. Fossilized species have been found in very old rocks predating vertebrates.

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