what is chloroplast? EXPLAIN BRIEFLY WITH DIAGRAM?

Chloroplasts are membranous structures present in plant cells and contain chlorophyll and other photosynthetic pigments that help the plant in making its own food.

You would study details about chloroplast in your higher grades.

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There  are  some  coloured  bodies  found  in  the  cytoplasm  of  the  cell  of  tradescantia  leaf.  These  coloured  bodies  are  scattered  in  the  cytoplasm  of  the  leaf  cells.  These  are  called  plastids.  They  are  of  different  colours.  Some  of  them  contain  green  pigment  called  chlorophyll.  Green  coloured  plastids  are  called  chloroplasts.  They  provide  green  colour  to  the  leaves.  Chlorophyll  are  only  found  in  plant  cells.  So,  chloroplast  is  only  found  in  plant  cells.

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i wish to have a answer which more easy for rememberance and easy to understand so if you have any other answer then please say it..

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chloroplast is same as chlorophyll.

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chloroplasts is a large plastid containing chlorophyll which carry out photosynthesis

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