what is conservation of forest ?

Conservation of forests means protecting the forest cover and using forest resources judicially.

Forests can be conserved by promoting afforestation and reforestation (re planting) of plants. Deforestation (cutting of plants) for commercial purpose and for domestic fuel wood in villages should be discouraged.

Need for conservation of forests: 

  • Forests are our life line as they have large no. of trees which provide us O2.
  • Forests provide wood for fuel, paper and furniture
  • Forests are the home for wide number of wild animals.
  • Forests have large no. of medicinal herbs
  • Forests maintain the ecosystem 

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conservation of forest means to protect our forest.

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This is a good topic. The base reason of conservation is for our later use. If we don 't conserve the things we could geel scarcity of them in our coming future. We must conserve forests as only because of their tress we get oxygen maintained in the invironment, some animals get shelter, we get medicines from them. This overall means that the threat of forest means the threat of animals either directly or indirectly.

About India, It is losing 1.56 metric hectares of forest per annum and so we are seeing the result - all (almost all) the animals have become endangered not only because of this reason. They (some animals such as monkeys and eagles) are comming to cities only because we have snatched their home

Therefore every one should keep in mind that we must not destroy forest for our use or government should prohibit prohibit this which is on action.

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