what is contraction

Contraction: Contraction is a phenomenon which involves the process or act of shortening or shrinking or decreasing in size, volume, shape , quantity or scope.

It is applied in all field whereas in science, this process is used in;

Biology ; as muscle contraction and relaxation during work which is governed by shrinking of muscular cells, contraction in heart during pimping of blood etc.

Chemistry: the size of metal decreases by making +ve ion called as contraction.

Physics; contraction is used for decrease in shaape or volume by change in temperature or presure.

This term is broad and used in all fields, as in literature, economics, geography etc.

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  1. 1.the process of becoming smaller."the general contraction of the industry did further damage to morale"synonyms:shrinking,reduction in size,shrinkage;

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The shrinking of an object is contraction.

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shrinking, smallering, stiffing and thickening in size is called contraction

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thickening of size by putting cold water

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