What is crop rotation?

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the rotation of crops yearly i.e.one after another is known as crops rotation

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Crop rotation is the process in which We have to sow different types of crop .

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crop rotation is a process in wich different crops r grown at different time of a year in the same piece of land

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crop rotation is that type of a farming method in which the different crops are grown at a regular interval of time on the same piece of the land . it is done to maintain the nutritional level of the soil. mainly the leguminous crops are grown so that the nitrogen can be refilled in th soil.

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crop rotation: growing different crops in the year instead of same crop. this will help land to gain its nautrients after ever crop.

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Crop Rotation is the manually growing of plants.
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Crop rotation is the practise of growing a series of  dissimilar/different types of crops in the same area in different seasons in a sequenced manner
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