what is cumulative frequency for what purpose it is used secondly what is O GIVE actually??help me out pls pls pls..

cumulative frequency: is defined as a running total of frequencies. the frequency of an element in a set refers to how many of that element there are in the set. cumulative frequency can also defined as the sum of all previous frequencies up to the current point.

cumulative frequency is important when analyzing data, where the value of the cumulative frequency indicates the number of elements in the data set that lie below the current value.

the cumulative is also useful when representing data using diagrams like histograms.

Ogive: cumulative frequency graph , also known as Ogive, is a curve showing the cumulative frequency for a given set of data. An Ogive is used to study the growth rate of data as it shows the accumulation of frequency and hence its growth rate.


agefrequencycumulative frequency


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any 1 pls help and how 2 do median???in problems dat its too difficult i want 2 noe da exact formula n good exmple for median???pls pls,.,.,...,

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