what is cycloid or ctenoid scales???

in class osteichthyes caudal fin is homocercal .. plz explain the underlined words..

what is the function of operculum???

@Thomas: you can refer to the answer provided by your friend as he has provided very appropriate answer. the thing that I would like to add is operculum is a flexible bony plate whose function is to provide protection to the gills.

@Srushti: very good answer. You deserve a thumbs up for this. Keep helping others by post such nice and correct answers.

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cycloid and ctenoid are the types of scales present in Osteichthyes.Cycloid scales have smooth margins, while ctenoid scales have tiny teeth called ctenii on the posterior edge that give them a rough texture.


caudal fin is a type of fin present in the posterior end of the fish which helps in locomotion specially to change its direction.

homocercal is the condition of caudal fin when it is externally symmetrical whereas internally asymmetrical.


i m sorry i don't know the third answer, even i m looking for that. i just know that operculum is the covering of gills.


hope it helps....

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