What is difference between flame and glow

flame is a hot substance which come from fire with a reddish yellow coloured light and glow means to give light.

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a flame is produced by fire which also gives off heat and light,

a glow is not necessarily emitted by a flame.

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 Flame is nothing but the fire on the candle.But glow is just light.

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Flame is fire whereas glow if light and flame emits light!!

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flame is fire but glow just emits light

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flame produce heat and glow gives the light

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flame is fire and glow is light.

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flame is fire in which there are 3 levels 1st is nonluminious 2nd is luminious and the 3rd is the black zone of the candle which has the lowest temperatue. the glow is referred to  any object which give out light.

hope it helps..!

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