what is difference between regular reflection and diffuse reflection ?

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regular reflection-

the reflection from a smooth surface such as plane mirror ( it do not have irregularities) is called regular reflection.

it is also known as fused reflection.

it is formed when all the parallel rays reflected from the surface are parallel.

images are formed by regular reflection.

diffused reflection -

it is caused by the irregularities in the reflecting surface.

it is also known as irregular reflection.

when all the parallel rays reflected from a plane surface are not parallel, the reflection is known as diffused reflection.

for eg. reflection fromed by cardboard.

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when the entire beam is reflected only in one direction. it is called regular reflection while when the beam of light falls on an rough surface and gets reflected in different directions , it is called diffused reflection.

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When all the reflected rays from a given smooth surface are parallel for parallel incident rays, the reflection is known as regular reflection. When for a given set of incident parallel rays, the reflected rays do not remain parallel to each other, the reflection is known as diffused or irregular reflection.

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When light falls on a smooth surface it reflects back the entire beam of light in one direction.This is called regular reflection. Diffuse reflection means when light falls on a rough surface with irregularities the entire beam reflects back the light In different directions

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