what is dispersion ? please explain.

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In simple words, dispersion is the phenomenon of splitting up of a composite light into its component colours. The light which we see is actually composed of seven different coloured light-rays of different wavelength. (Example: Sunlight). When a composite light passes through a prism, the component colours undergo deviation at both refracting faces. The extent of deviation depends on the wavelength. This results in splitting up of the composite light.


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splitting of white light into its seven constituent colours is known as dispersion

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Dispersion- The splitting of a ray into its component colours is known as dispersion of light and the band of colours is known as a spectrum.





To understand how white light is made up of seven different colours, do the following. Take a disc and mark seven sectors on it. Colour each sector as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Now rotate the disc at a high speed. You will notice that the disc, instead of showing seven colours, will start looking white to your eyes.



When two prisms are placed with their vertices and bases in the opposite direction as shown below, a ray of white light will come out as a white light only.  







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The phenoma where the white light spilts into 7 colours (VIBGYOR) when passed into the equilateral prism is called dispersion of light.


White light is dispersed because different colors are affected differently by the passage into glass. Specifically, the different colors travel at different speeds through the glass (Because of this, each color has its own index of refraction). Red light travels at the fastest speed through the glass, and so is bent the least by its passage. Violet light travels at the slowest speed, and so is bent the most. As it turns out, the speed is related to the wavelength (by v = fl). This indicates that the color with the highest speed (red) has the longest wavelength, while the color with the slowest speed (violet) has the shortest wavelength. Because frequency is inversely proportional to wavelength, we can also determine the relative frequencies. Red would have the lowest, while violet has the highest.
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 spliting of light into different colors is known as dispertion.


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