What is effect of water scarcity on plants ? Explain 

As water is very essential for us similarly plants also need water for their survival. Water helps to transport the nutrients to other parts of the plant. Water also plays very important role in carrying various processes in plants. Therefore sacrcity of water will have adverse effect on plants. It may cause death of a plant.

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 plants need water to live. they need water for nutrients.

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plants need nutrients from the soil to prepare food.. the green character of the plant shall be lost. this means the end of life .
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they dry up and die. and seeds do not germinate.
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As water is a renewable resource,we should use it wisely and we should not waste water.
If plants will not get sufficient water it will affect their growth,thus giving poor yeild.
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Most of them will dry up. For eg:-Neem, Tulsi will dry.
But some plants like Aloe vera and Cactus will use the gel that is produced when water is available to them.
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Plants need water to carry out photosynthesis.
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They will dry up
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