what is force please explain it please provide the example

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A force is a push, pull or a twist which has a tendency to change the shape, state of rest or of uniform motion of the body on which it has been applied, e.g., when we push a table that push is called force and as it changes its state it is motion.
It's SI unit is kg m /s² or Newton.

Effects of force with examples:
1. It can make a stationary object move. Example: pushing a box at rest on the table brings the box in motion.
2. It can stop a moving object. Example: catching a moving ball and making it stop on your hand.
3. It can change the speed of a moving object. Example: increasing the speed of a bicycle by exerting more force on the

4. It can change the direction of a moving object. Example: changing the direction of motion of the cricket ball by the batsman after he hits the ball.
5. It can change the shape or size of an object. Example: squeezing a toothpaste and changing its shape.


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