what is furcate venation?

the leaves have circinate ptyxis i.e.they are rolled from the apex downwards the venation is called furcate venation........

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 Furcate venation –  The veins branch dichotomously but the reticulum is not formed by the finer 
branches. eg. Adiantum (fern)
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A type of venation in which many veins arise from petiole and devides into two parts at their ends also in this the network of veins is not found. It is seen mostly in ferns like:circeaster
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They give rise to lateral veins, which traverse the entire lamina. Venation is of three types : Reticulate, parallel and furcate. Reticulate Venation : When the veinlets form a network the venation is termed as reticulate venation. E.g., leaves of dicot plants
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The midrip will devide dicotomoudly.
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