What is ganga action plan ? what was the need for it ? Give two reasons for pollution in ganga ?

On 14 January 1986, the former prime minister of India, Rajeev Gandhi launched a programme named the Ganga action plan in order to reduce the pollution of the River Ganga. The main objective or need of this plan was as follows:

1) To improve the water quality of the river Ganga.

2) Treatment of the domestic sewage, industrial waste, toxic chemicals and harmful pollutants discharged into the river.

3) Control of pollution such as waste from agricultural, human defecation, throwing of unburnt and half burnt bodies into the river.

4) Rehabilitation of soft shelled turtles which may be used for the purpose of pollution abatement of the river.

Two reasons responsible for the pollution of river Ganga are:

1) Human waste:
Human waste is one of the major factors responsible for the pollution of Ganga. Domestic waste such as bathing, daily waste, defecation, laundry etc leads to the pollution of the river.

2) Religious events:
Millions of people bathe in river Ganga because of its holy aspect which may leads to its pollution. Moreover discharge of ashes of
cremated bodies, food, flowers etc for religious purposes adds to its pollution.

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 ganga action plan was a multi crore project launched by the govt. to save the water pollution .

the water of ganga was getting contaminated by the large no. of coliforms in it.(bacteris present in the human intestine)

reasons for water pollution of ganga -----

  • discharge of human wastes and unburnt corposules
  • discharge of chemicals and industrial waste by the industries
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it's an action plan to stop water pollution especially for ganga 

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