what is haber's process????????

It s a industrial method to prepare ammonia. When one mole of N2 and 3 mole of H2 react at 500°C temperature and 200-900 atm pressure in the presence of finely divided iron catalyst containing Molybdenum catalyst promotor, gives ammonia.

manufacture of ammonia by Haber s process



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A scientist named HABER discovered the method to prepare ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen in given condition.the chemical equation is as follows:-


N2 + 3H2 <_____> 2NH3  ...........In the presence of Fe as catalyst and Mo as catalyst inducer.


it is reversible reaction.usually carried at high temp. and high presuure.

to get ammonia in large amount,the product is continuosly removed from the system so that forward rkn follow Le Chatelier's principle.

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why it is necessary to remove CO when ammonia is obtained by Haber's process?

And also ,  How CO  comes here?

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co produced is an oxidizing agent

it will react with ammonia thus reducing its yield

co comes by reaction of hydrogen with air

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the process by which ammonia is manufactured by using finely powdered iron as catalyst and molybdenum as catalytic promoter is called as haber's process.

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