What is Hardy-Schulze rule???


Hardy Schulze's law states that, 

(i) The effective ions of the electrolyte in bringing about coagulation are those which carry a charge opposite to that of the colloidal particles. These ions are called coagulating ions or flocculating ions.

(ii) Greater is the valency of the coagulating or the flocculating ion, and the greater is its power to bring about coagulation.

For example, in the coagulation of negatively charged arsenious sulfide sol, trivalent cations (Al3+) are far more effective than divalent (Ba2+) cations which in turn are more effective than monovalent Na+ cations.

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higher is the valency of the atom....greater is the flocculating or coagulating property.
as the valency of the atom increases......the power of precipitation also increases.

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