what is kriya visesan ?? defination and examples of krivesan, / in merit nation it does not contain the contents of kriya visesan?? please provide me ??? it is compulsary in class 10 exams 

heY ..I'll try to help ya ;)

  • what do you mean by kriya ? Its is an action word i.e. VERB
  • What does visheshan mean? Its a word that describes a word ( visheshta batata hai) i.e. ADJECTIVE 
  • Therefore, Kriya visheshan means ADVERB
  • DEfinition : Vo shabd jo kriya ki visheshta batata hai, kriya visheshan kehlata hai.
  • Examples : Ghoda TEZ DAUD raha hai.
  • ask yourself : horse kaise daud raha hai ? answer : tez i.e. fast.
  • here, a verb (running or daudna)  is being described by an adjective (tez or fast) ;)


HOpe I could HELP.

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