A lightening conductor is a thick copper wire or strip that connects a spike secured onto the tallest point of a building to a long copper earth pole that is hammered deep into the ground at the side of the building.

It protects the building from lightning strikes, by providing an easier path for current to flow to earth than through the building.

In the event of a direct lightning strike, the current in the conductor may be so great as to melt or even vaporize the metal, but the damage to the building will nevertheless be limited.


Lightning on its way to the earth always follows the best conductor and consequently will leap from side to side to find a building or a tree. It is attracted to pointed things rather than to round or blunt things, and for this reason lightning rods are made with sharp points. Buildings properly fitted with lightning rods are safe from being struck by lightning, because the rods lead the electricity into the earth. When a cloud filled with electricity comes over the rods, the electricity will flow down them until the cloud is discharged. We see no flash and hear no thunder; and we may feel sure that the building will not be struck. The tops of lightning rods are usually silvered or gilded, so that they will not rust and become worthless. The lower end of the rod must be carried down into damp earth; if the earth is dry it is better to carry the end into a well, because dry earth is not so good a conductor as moist earth and the lightning might leap from the rod at the lower end and go into the cellar of the building. High chimneys should have rods on them because soot is a good conductor, as is also the vapor which arises when fires are burning.

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a lightning conductor is a Device that protects a tall building from lightning strike, by providing an easier path for current to flow to earth than through the building. 

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a lightning conductor is a device used to protect buidings fro lightning

it protects the building from lightning

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a lightning conductor is a device used to save the tall building form lightning 

1) a lightning conductor is placed on the top of the building 

2) a metal wire is connected to the lightning conductor and made to pass through the outer of the building

3) under the ground a metal plate is placed and the metal wire is connected from the top 

therefore when a lightning strikes the current passes through the lightning conductor then through the metal wire and through the metal plate and the earth

hope this helps you

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a lightning conductor is a device which is used to save buildings from lighting. 


  1. it is used to transport the electric chargesfrom the lightning to deep under the earth surface.
  2. it is used to save all the electrical applinceses from destruction.
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it is a device used to protect buildings from the effect of lightning. the metallic rod is installed in the walls of the buildings during its construction. one end of the rod is kept in the air and the other end is buried in the ground. the rod provides an easy route for the transfer of electric charges.

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It is the copper wire that is connectrd to the tallst bldng of an area

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A?lightning rod or?lightning conductor is a?metal rod or metallic object mounted on top of an elevated structure, such as a?building, a?ship, or even a tree,?electrically bonded using a wire or electrical conductor?to interface with?ground or earth through an?electrode engineered to protect the structure in the event of?lighting strike. If lightning hits the structure, it will preferentially strike the rod and be conducted to ground through the wire, instead of passing through the structure, where it could start a fire or cause?electroclution. Lightning rods are also called?finials, air terminals or strike termination devices.
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A safety device used to protect buildings from lightning is called a lightning conductor or a lightning rod. A lightning conductor is a metal rod attached to the top of elevated structures such as buildings, towers, ships, masts and even trees. The metal rod is usually in diameter, and it connects to a large piece of copper or aluminium wire. The wire is connected to a conducting plate buried in the ground. If lightning hits the structure, the electric discharge will enter the metal rod and will pass harmlessly into the ground through the wire. Thus, the lightning cannot harm people inside the building.
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LIGHTNING CONDUCTOR:- It is a device used to protect buildings fom lightning Uses of lightning conductor:- 1- It is used to provide a safe path for a lightning strike to ground. 2- It is used to protect a building from the damaging effects of a lightning Strike. 3-it is used to protect all electrical appliances from destruction
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