What is meaning of inert crystalline structure ?

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Inert crystalline structure is the characteristic of viruses. They possess this property when they are outside the living cell i.e. their host. Crystalline structure basically refers to the crystal structure which is composed of a set of units arranged in such a way i.e. periodically repeated in three dimensions.  
All viruses have a protein coat, capsid which is made up of capsomeres. This functions as a shell to protect the viral genome outside living cell from nucleases. This capsid during infection attaches to specific receptors exposed on the host cell.
After infecting a living cell, they take over the host machinery and start replicating themselves.

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The Viruses are Non-Cellular Organisms that are characterised by having an inert crystalline structure outside the living cell.
In Mineralogy and Crystallography, a crystal structure is a unique arrangement of atoms in a crystal.
A Crystal structure is composed of a unit cell, a set of atoms arranged in a particular way, which is periodically repeated in three dimensions on a lattice.
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In short, Inert Crystalline Structures can also be called "Inactive Solid Structure".
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