What is meaning  of practical geometry

Answer :

Geometry basically means that to measure different shapes in our real world ( As length of room , depth of pool  etc )
In Practical geometry we draw different shapes , With the help of these instruments  :

1) Compass
Use :  A piece of equipment used for drawing circles, and arcs consisting of two thin parts joined in the shape of the letter V.

2) Protector
Use : An object that is shaped like half a circle and is used for measuring and drawing angles .

3) Divider
Use : A piece of equipment used for measuring or drawing lines and angles, consisting of two pieces of metal with pointed ends that are joined together at the top .

4) 2 Set Squares
Use :  A flat plastic or metal tool with three straight sides and one right angle, used for drawing lines , parallel lines .

5) A ruler
Use :  An object used for measuring or for drawing straight lines, consisting of a long flat piece of plastic, wood, or metal marked with units of measurement .

6) A sharpener
Use : To sharp pencil .

7) A eraser
Use :  To erase whatever we want .

8) A pencil
Use :  To draw

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