What is meant by Qualitative reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning?

Qualitative reasoning involves logical reasoning. While quantitative reasoning involves mathematical reasoning.

Qualitative passage:
The Indian Peafowl, alternatively known as the Blue Peafowl, is the national bird of India. The male is called a peecok and has feathers which are made up of a range of beautiful colours. The female is called a peahen. The majority of the female’s feathers are a plain brown colour. These birds usually live in sparsely populated areas such as forests and don’t fly very often. They eat berries, seeds and sometimes snakes or small animals.
Q 1. Which of the following could replace ‘alternatively’ as used in the passage above?
1) and
2) also
3) then
4) never

Quantitative passage:
The measures adopted in health arena have increased the life expectancy to over 64 years in 2000. Infant mortality rate (IMR) has come down from 147 in 1951 to 75 in
2000. Crude birth rates have dropped to 26.1 and death rate to 8.7 within the same duration of time. Increase in life expectancy and improvement in childcare are useful in assessing the future progress of the country.
Q 1. How much did the life expectancy increase in the year 2000?
1) 47
2) 75
3) 26
4) 64


[Source: NCERT]

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