what is meant by surface area 

is it tsa or csa??????


total surface area

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Surface area can vary with the question

When they say surface area it  means csa .

It will be specifiied in the question if we are required to find out tsa

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no! when they say i surface area it is not hte curved surface area.

most of the time if the given solid or article is csa they mention it  as CSA and smetimes for tsa they dnt menton it they just say it is to find surface area.

so according to me it is TSA-total surface area.( im not pretty sure abut it,so its better u consult abut this to experts...)

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Surface area means TSA always remember that and

CSA means LSA= hallow means area of walls or empty vessels etc.

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 surface area means tsa

and csa means lsa

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Sari da naya
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