What is nitrogen fixation? Mention 3 ways of nitrogen fixation & chemical reactions related to this process.

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Kindly refer to the answer given by John for the first two parts of your question, I am providing you the reactions involved in the nitrogen cycle - 

The nitrogen present in atmosphere is biologically fixed by the bacteria into ammonia. This ammonia undergo the process of nitrification leading to the formation of nitrates-

The nitrate so formed  can be easily absorbed by the plants, and transported to leaves. Animals get their nitrogen by consuming plants.

When plants & animals die, nitrates are reduced back to nitrogen in the atmosphere, this process is known as denitrification & the bacteria which carry out this process are known as denitrifying bacteria for example- Pseudomonas.

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conversion of free atmospheric nitrogen into nitrates  is nitrogen fixation. ways- biological, atmospheric and  industrial fixation. ammonification, nitrification and denitrification.

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nitrogen fixation is process through which atmospheric nitrogen is fixed into nitrates and nitrites. 

three ways of nitrogen fixation are:-

1-by nitrogen fixation bacteria present in root nodules of legume plants(e.g. rhizobium,azotobactor).

2-by lightning  in sky under high pressure and temperature.

3-by industrial fixation in industries making fertilizers and pesticides.

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