what is noise pollution

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It is a pollution caused by the excessive production of sound. When you listen to a song keeping the volume optimum then it appears music to you but if you increase its level too much then it becomes noise and causes noise pollution. Any sound which exceeds certain limit is a noise pollution. There are various sources of noise pollution present around us, Honking of vehicles, Noise from the loudspeakers etc. Noise pollution can have various side effects like it can lead to some cardiovascular problems and can cause some serious stress.

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 Noise pollution is excessive, displeasing human, animal or machine-created environmental noise that disrupts the activity or balance of human or animal life. The word noise comes from the Latin word nauseas, meaning seasickness.

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ANS: Noise pollution is a type of energy pollution in which distracting, irritating, or damaging sounds are freely audible. As with other forms of energy  pollution (such as heat and light pollution), noise pollution contaminants are not physical particles, but rather waves that interfere with naturally-occurring waves of a similar type in the same environment. Thus, the definition of noise pollution is open to debate, and there is no clear border as to which sounds may constitute noise pollution. In the most narrow sense, sounds are considered noise pollution if they adversely affect wildlife, human activity, or are capable of damaging physical structures on a regular, repeating basis. In the broadest sense of the term, a sound may be considered noise pollution if it disturbs any natural process or causes human harm, even if the sound does not occur on a regular basis.

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While noise pollution is not pollution in the traditional sense of the word, it can have similar negative effects on people and the world. Noise pollution is created by displeasing noises from any source: human, animal, or machine. These noises fill specific areas with sound, and cause many health and behavioral effects. Noise pollution does not produce the same kind of physical substance as industrial or environmental pollution, but is just as prevalent around the globe, and can be just as damaging in ways.

Noise pollution, though some may see it as any noise that is irritating or annoying, generally describes any sound that disrupts human or animal life and behavior. This type of noisepollution is common among many different types of large machinery. Often transportation is associated with this pollution, and often produces it through jet engines, rail noises, automobiles, and car alarms.

Other forms of noise pollution created by machines can be less distinct or less consuming, but just as wearisome. These include office equipment, factory machinery, construction work, and entertainment systems. These sources can disrupt a quiet neighborhood, a busy metropolitan, a large office building, or a small residential building. A barking dog outside or noisy people within also account for noise pollution in many circumstances.

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noise pollution is a type of pollution which is produced mainly by automobiles which is very harmfull for our health and it may makes us like a deaf and a habitual of listening high and loud music................

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