What is numinator and what is denominator??????

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When an object is divided into a number of equal parts, then each part is called fraction. The numerator of a fraction represent how many parts in the fraction where as denominator of a fraction represents the number of equal parts in the whole object.

Consider a fraction . Here, 3 is the numerator where as 5 is the denominator of the given fraction.


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Hi frnd,

The numerator is the number on the top of a fraction, for example, in the fraction 1/2 (one half), the numerator is 1.

And the number which lye at the bottom of the fraction is known as denominator of the respective fraction.
The denominator of 1/2 is 2.....


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i'ts is very simple to understand that first no. is numerator & second no. is denominator

   suppose 6/8 is fraction  then

  6 is numertor & 8 is denominator ...))

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the upper number in the fraction is numerator and the down number is denominator

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