1. what is present countinous,past countinous and future countinous





Present Continuous tense is used in various places such as:

  • When an action is going on at the time of speaking:

  • She is singing now;

  • They are practising football;

  • He is playing squash;

  • They are rehearsing for the play.

  • For a temporary action which may not be actually happening at the time of speaking:

  • I am learning music;

  • I am working at Apple;

  • I am reading Tom Jones.

  • For an action that has already been arranged to take place in the near future:

  • I am going to the theatre tonight;

  • My parents are leaving for a party tonight;

  • My sister is shifting to her hostel this month.

Past Continuous tense is used to denote an action going on at some time in the past. The time of the action may or may not be indicated. Instances of the same are:

  • It was getting cold in the evening;

  • I was reading when the phone rang;

  • They were playing chess when someone screamed.

Future Continuous Tense talks about actions which will be in progress at a time in the future. Instances of the same are:

  • It will be raining then;

  • He would be travelling tomorrow evening;

  • My grandfather would be meeting us soon.

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 Present continuos means what is going on now. It will be ending with 'ING' form. Eg:- I am drawing a picture of a hen. Past continous means what was been happen.    It will also be ending with 'ING' form.    Eg:- I was drawing a picture of a hen. Future continous means what may be going to happen.  It too is ending with 'ING' form and there will be either 'Will' or 'Shall' in the sentence. Eg:- I will draw a picture of a hen.

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sorry, i made a mistake. instead of the eg for future continous tense ''I wil draw a picture of a hen;'' it is I will be drawing a picture of a hen.

soryy for my mistake.

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its ok

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very informative

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