what is present tense

present tence is thhe tence used for the present

ex:  taking a test


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Present tence is a tence which happens at the same time

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present tense is the the current time period. there are three types of present tense:1. simple present tense2. present continuous tense3. present perfecttense4. present perfect continuous tense

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Present tense is the tense that is used to indicate the present.

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which is going on is called the present tenses

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which is happening right now is called the present tense. when we are writing a present tense to a verb we will add ing.

example: do + ing =doing is a verb which is showing present tense.

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Present tense is the tense used for events occuring at the moment.

There are two types of present tenses:

SimplePresent tense

Continuous Present tense

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present tense me

ans which is going on

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you do not know so

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a verb tense that expresses actions or states at the time of speaking.

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Present tense expresses actions actions in the present /current time
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