• what is rainwater harvesting. explain it with its types and examples.?

The process by which rain water is collected and stored either to recharge the ground water or for use in the future is known as rainwater harvesting. In India rain water harvesting is an age old practice followed in many areas. Bawris are traditional architectural wonders that were built in the state of Rajasthan. They were used for collecting water. 

There are two ways of harvesting rainwater:

Surface runoff harvesting: In urban areas, rain water flows away from the surface is collected and used for various purposes.

Rooftop rain water harvesting: The rainwater on the roofs of the buildings is collected through canals that drain the water into ground reservoirs. This stored water is later utilized.

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                                                                                  RAIN WATER HARVESTING 

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With the advancement in technololgy the exploitation of earths natural resources has inreased.Nowaday's man has over -exploited water resources of earth,this has resulted into the lowering of water table.To maintain this water table we need to ensure the beter percolation of rain water into the soil.this can be done through rain water harvesting.it can be practised in urban localities.In this method,a big spit is dug near the house for collecting rainwater.This pits is filled with different layers of brisk,coarse gravels,and sand and granite pieces.The water which gets stored in the pit ensure better percolation of water into the soil.

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Rainwater harvesting is the method of saving rainwater from flowing away.Rainwater falling on the roofs and the ground is allowed to flow into a deep hole dug in the ground.There are two types of rainwater harvesting.They are roadside rainwater harvesting and rooftop rainwater harvesting.

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