What is Reactivity series of metals. Arrange iron,gold,copper and magnesium in decreasing order of reactivity and give reasons .

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A more reactive metal can be defined as the one which can displace other metal from its aqueous solution when put together. This reaction is called displacement reaction. In short we can say that more reactive metal will form compounds and does not remains in 0 Oxidation state if a less reactive metal is forming compound.

For eg-
A + BC  AC + B 
here A metal is displacing B metal from its aqueous salt BC and itself forming compound with C. The reactivity of metal is defined by this displacement and a series is developed by scientist experimentally which provide information for the reactivity order.

Answer- Here order will be  Magnesium > iron > copper > gold 


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The reactivity series of metals is a chart listing metals in order of decreasing reactivity. In general, the more reactive a metal is:?the more vigorously it reacts with other substances.?the more easily it loses electrons to form positive ions cation!!

Mg, iron copper gold.. In decreasing order
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