what is respiration

Respiration is the process of exchange of gases from tissues to the outside and vice versa. Oxygen is taken in while carbon dioxide is given out.

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The 'respiratory system is the anatomical system of an organism that introduces respiratory gases to the interior and performs gas exchange. In humansand other mammals, the anatomical features of the respiratory system include airways, lungs, and the respiratory muscles.

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not wel understand plese tell me again

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In the most simple terms, "respiration" simply means "breathing". But more formally, the term depends on what type of respiration you are referring to. Essentially, "respiration" refers to gaseous exchange of unwanted carbon dioxide and much-needed oxygen for the body's use. In direct terms, oxygen is essential for life.

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The break down of glucose into our body with or without use of oxygen to produce energy this is called respiration.

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