what is ryotwari settlement?

Ryotwari settlement was a system of direct revenue collection from the cultivators. It was introduced by Thomas Munroe, the Governor-General of Madras. It was different from zamindari where the revenue was collected by zamindars. In ryotwari, the cultivators, were recognised as the owners of the land and they had to pay about half of the produce as land revenue. This system was mainly initially introduced in Madras Preasidency and later extended to Bombay. The system failed because of exorbitant demands placed by revenue officials on farmers.


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It was introduced in parts of the Madras and Bombay precidencies,between 1792 and 1827,It was a method introduced by the British to collect revenues. Some information about Ryotwari settlement are

  • A direct settlemet was made between in the Governmentand the ryot who was the cutivator of land .
  • these ryots were regarded as the real owners of the land and they pad the government about half of the values of crops.
  • The revenue was fixed for a period between20 to 30 yearsand it was based on the produt and quality of crops

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