What is slow combustion?

When a material burns at a slow or moderate rate slow combustion takes place. It occurs in insufficient supply of air or oxygen. Combustion is never complete. During slow combustion soot is formed which pollutes the ait. It also leads to formation of Carbon monoxide which is a hghly poisonous gas. Eg Burning of cow dung cakes.

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when combustion takes place, shortage of oxygen leads to the increase in the burning temp. thus making it suddenly burn. 

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combustion taking place slowly

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the combustion in which a substance burns at slow or moderate is called slow combustion.

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Slow combustion is a form of combustion which takes place at low temperatures.

Respiration is an example of slow combustion.


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 slow combustion means a type of combustion in which substance reacts with oxygen slowly and takes time to react. in this reaction it may be that light is not produced.

for eg: rusting

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