what is sonority? explain in detail


Sonority (of a material) is the property of producing a ringing sound when struck. Most metals are sonorous. Therefore, they are used in many instruments (eg. cymbals and bells). Almost all non-metals are non-sonorous, i.e. they don't produce a ringing sound when struck. You can prove this by many experiments, eg. throwing a metal bangle on a hard and listening to the sound produced and comparing it with the sound produced when an eraser (non-metal) is thrown on the same surface. 

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Sonority is the property of metals by virtue of which metals produce ringing sound on being struck.

when you beat a metal and hear a ringing noise. This ringing noise heard is the mentioned quality. Thus, when a metal utensil falls, you hear ringing noise for some time

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 The sonority of a sound is its relative loudness compared to other sounds. A sonority peak occurs when there is little or no obstruction to airflow and the peak is relatively loud.

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