what is stereotype thinking?

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Cliché or Stereotypical thinking suggests eruption to data that produces or affirms a generalization, and underreaction to data that negates it. Generalizations can change if new data changes the gathering's most particular characteristic. 

In friendly brain science or social psychology, a generalization or Stereotype is any idea broadly embraced about explicit sorts of people or certain methods of carrying on planned to address the whole gathering of those people or practices overall. These musings or convictions could possibly precisely reflect reality. A generalization is a mixed up thought or conviction numerous individuals have about a thing or gathering that depends on what they look like outwardly, which might be false or just halfway obvious. Generalizing individuals is a kind of bias since what is outwardly is a little piece of who an individual is. For instance, a "hells heavenly messenger" biker dresses in cowhide or leather. 


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