This was introduced by Wellesley.According to this the indian rulers were not allowed to have their own armed forces.They were protected by the Company's forces but had to pay for them .If any ruler failed to make the payment, a part of his territory would be taken away as penalty.


Under Hastings a new policy of paramountacy was initiated.The Compant claimed its authority was paramount or supreme,and its power was greater than the indian rulers.So they decided that they could annex or threaten to annex any kingdom.


This policy was introduced by Dalhousie.According to this policy,if an Indian ruler died without a male heir his kingdom would be annexed. hope this helps...

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doctrine of lapse - this was one of the cruel policies of the british which bacame a major reason fr the revolt of 1857. before the estaBLISHMENT OF BRITISH RULE IN INDIA ADOPTion of a child by a ruler was an accepted practice . according to the doctrine of lapse if any indian ruler died without having a natural hier then that particular state would be annexed by the british. they would not accept any adopted child . jhansi was annexed by the britishers by this policy

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 subsidary alliance- at the 19th century, the britishers made a new rule that any of the indian kings were not allowed to keep their own army for protection and so the indian kings and kingdoms were provided with the protection by the britishers and for this, the indian kings had to pay taxes also known as'subsidary alliance' and if the indian kings failed to pay the subsidary alliance,a part of their land was taken away by the britishers.

doctrine of lapse- as per doctrine of lapse, if the king had no son or a successor for continuing the kingdom,the kingdom would be taken away by the britishers.This happened with laxmi bai as she had an adopted son, the britishers did not accept with rani laxmi bai that her adopted son could not continue the kingdom.Doctrine of lapse was established by lord dal housie

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paramontcy was a policy in which britishers declared themselves a s paramount that is supreme

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