what is the answerof the TRY THESE (down) on pg.123 of the lesson Comparing Quantities? i need a quick reply plz


1. Find the selling price (SP) if a profit of 5% is made on(a) a cycle of Rs 700 with Rs 50 as overhead charges.(b) a lawn mower bought at Rs 1150 with Rs 50 as transportation charges.(c) a fan bought for Rs 560 and expenses of Rs 40 made on its repairs.




Cost Price of cycle (CP) = Rs 700 + Rs 50 (overhead charges are added to give CP)= Rs 750Profit = 5%

Therefore, selling price of cycle(SP) = CP + Profit

= 750 + 5% of  750



Cost Price of lawn mover (CP) = Rs 1150 + Rs 50 (overhead charges are added to give CP)

=  Rs 1200

Profit = 5%

Therefore, selling price of lawn mover(SP) = CP + Profit

= 1200 + 5% of 1200


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