what is the blackmans law of limiting factors ?

Law of Limiting factor was given by Blackman. This law governs the rate of photosynthesis. According to this law, the process of photosynthesis is controlled by many factors but the rate of photosynthesis will depend on the factor which is present in limited quantity.


For example, photosynthesis depends on carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity, water, presence of chlorophyll. If all factors are present but light intensity is low then light will become the limiting factor and rate of photosynthesis will depend only on light , the limiting factor.

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according to this law if any reaction or process is govened by more than one factor or a no. of factors rate of reaction depends upon the factor which is minimum in availability

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if the chemical process of the photosynthesis is being affected by more than 1 factor then the rate of photosynthesis will b determined by the factor which is nearest to the minimum or optimum value

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