what is the diff between atoms and molecule?

Followings are the difference between the atom and molecules:

  • Atom is a smallest particle of an element.
  • Molecule is a group of two or more atoms combined together so it is bigger.
  • Atom consists of nucleus (containing protons and neutrons) and electrons.
  • Molecule consists of combination of two or more like or different atoms chemically bound together e.g. H2, HCl, NaCl etc.
  • Atom can neither be seen through naked eye nor through magnifying microscope.
  • Molecule is not visible to naked eye, while can be seen through highly magnifying microscope.
  • Atom cannot be further divided.
  • Molecule can further be divided to give individual atoms.
  • Atoms may or may not have independent existence.
  • Molecules are capable of having independent existence.For example, atom of oxygen (O) has no independent existence while its molecule exists as O2 in nature
  • Atom has nuclear bond or attraction within it i.e. it involves electrostatic attraction between the positive nucleus and electrons.
  • Molecule has chemical attraction or bonding between the atoms i.e. it involves single, double or triple bonds between the atoms.

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 Atoms  do  not  have  the  property  of  their  substances,  whereas,  molevules  do.

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 An atom is smallest particle in an element that has the properties of the element. It is not possible to breakdown the atom further retaining the properties of the element. Atoms are not visible to the naked eye and are the basic building blocks. For example the atoms of element gold cannot be broken down further and each atom has the properties of gold.

Molecules are formed by the combination of two or more atoms. Unlike atoms, molecules can be subdivided to individual atoms. The atoms are bonded together in a molecule. Molecules also are not visible to the naked eye, while can be seen through highly magnifying microscopes and other scientific devices. Water is comprised of numerous water molecules. Each water molecule is made up of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. So a water molecule can be further divided into oxygen and hydrogen atoms. But these atoms cannot be subdivided. In a molecule, atoms are bonded together by single, double, or triple bonds.

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An atom is defined as the basic unit of element which possesses the properties of the element. By basic, we mean that it is the building block of matter . It is the smallest particle of an element that can take part in a chemical reaction. Every atom consists of protons, neutrons and electrons. For example Carbon will consist of atoms which will show the properties of carbon only and not any other element.

A molecule on the other hand is a group of two or more atoms which combine together to form a single species, whose properties are different from that of the combining elements. It is the smallest unit of a compound. For example, 2 atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of oxygen combine to form one molecule of water.

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Atom is smaller constituent particle of all matter which may exist independently as in noble gases or in combined form with same or different types of atom. The combination of atoms of same or different types is known as molecule. The combination of same types of atoms is called molecule of element e.g. N2 while different types atom form molecule of compound e.g. H2O.

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