What is the difference b/w electrolytic reduction and electrolytic refining?

1. In electrolytic reduction graphite electrodes whereas in electrolytic refining, the anode is made of the impure metal which is to be purified and the cathode is made from that pure metal. 

2. Electrolyte used in electrolytic refining is the metal sulfate with acid (acid is usually added to increase the conductivity) whereas in electrolytic reduction molten chloride form of the solution is used.

3. In electrolytic refining the impure metal at the anode displaces the metal from the aqueous solution and the these ions go to the cathode and attach to the cathode as they are now pure. Impure metal at the anode directly doesn't go to the cathode, its a indirect process. As the reaction goes on, the size of the anode reduces and finally disappears and the cathode becomes thick as all the impure metal is converted into pure metal. In electrolytic reduction the metal from the molten solution deposits on the cathode and chlorine gas is evolved at the anode.

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